Letter from the Managing Director

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the OM Exports website.

We are an organization that deals with the processing of Natural Stone Products, specifically, Monuments and Memorials, which is a tradition of great importance and carries immense emotional value to our customers. At the core of our business is a promise to understand our customers' needs thoroughly and deliver it in every aspect to their satisfaction. Here at Om exports, more than manufacturing high quality stone products, we are driven by a passion to create memories in stone that will last for generations to come.

Our factory is equipped with the most robust and precise cutting and automatic polishing machines that have been imported from renowned German Machinery producers. The bulk of the polishing is carried out by our automatic surface polishers and side polishers. They are capable of pre-programmable sequential polishing, equipped with a cam driven-swiveling polishing head. The result is an unsurpassable, deep, mirror-like finish. We also employ CNC machine centres and contour millers to add to our production capability and efficiency.

Our highly motivated and trained workforce enables us to deliver consistent quality to the highest standards. Our staff and operators are qualified graduates trained by German technicians. Apart from technical expertise, their training is geared towards helping them understand why each stone memorial we create is of such immense value to our customers. We believe this greatly enhances the end result and is key to our success.

At Om Exports, we place quality first and that is the motto that guides us in every sphere of business. Whether it is the selection of the highest quality raw blocks, or utilization of the most modern cutting/polishing tools and abrasives, we meticulously work to integrate quality at every level to deliver above and beyond our customers' expectations.

With clients all over the world, our ability to build and maintain customer relationships is one of our key strengths and is testament to our consistent quality, fast and timely delivery and above all, our sound and transparent business ethic. For more than two decades now, we have consistently delivered our promise of quality in monuments and memorials to our customers, with our dedicated workforce and superior machinery. I would like to thank our patrons for their continued support and in the future, I hope to set more such relationships in stone.

N. Ashoken
Managing Director, OM Exports